About  Goldbeck Company 

                              Panoramic Photography

                                   Large Group Specialists for Over 70 Years
Large group specialists for over 70 years Goldbeck Company is a school photography firm that specializes solely in large groups of people. We use genuine panoramic cameras that were popular in the 1930's and 1940's because these cameras have the ability to rotate from left to right and to capture a panoramic view of whatever is in front of the lens.
We have adapted this long panoramic format to photograph large groups because of this unique quality.  If you have ever taken a photo of your family, you know that the more people you have in your picture, the further back you have to move to be able to get everyone in the frame.  We are free from that registration.  Since our camera literally scans from left to right, we stay very close to the group and simply allow the camera to move further to the right to capture all of the images.  This allows us to get large clear faces in our shots.  In addition to getting large clear images, we do not have to enlarge our prints.  This means that all faces are crystal clear and razor sharp.

Our craft is truly one of specialization.  Though our investment in custom equipment runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, our real asset is the talent of our photographers.  Anyone can create an image on a piece of film, but it takes years of daily hands on experience working with large groups of people to master getting a group shot quickly, efficiently and safely.

We have been in business for over seventy years and we photograph over a 1000 schools a year all across the United States.  We take pride in the fact that 27% of our accounts have been customers for over 40 years, another 65% of our accounts have been customers for over 20 years.  We are in business for the long run and that takes a lot of consistent hard work and dedication each year to our schools.
To start a tradition of professional panoramic class photographs at your school call for scheduling at 1-800-656-9289.